your ideal client is looking for you.

are you guiding them in the right direction?

Picture this: Your perfect client is searching for your service. Maybe they saw a post on social media, or a friend told them about your awesome work. They're excited, they like where this is going. They click on your website to learn more and... they're underwhelmed. Maybe even confused. They can't find what they're looking for, and at this point they aren't even sure that you can solve their problem. They wanted to love you, but your website didn't impress, and now they're gone.

Don't let them get away. Turn that excitement into affirmation that: 

you are the one!

the main

The Main Event is a full service custom website design and build experience based on the needs and goals of your business. We’ll analyze your target audience, determine your objectives, and build out a website that represents you and gets the job done— in just seven days.* 


*basic websites can be completed in one week, assuming timely communication and delivery of required materials from the client.

custom website design
from $2,000

so, what's included?

Website prep guide
strategy session
Custom website design & Build
custom mobile design
setup for search engine optimization
setup for google analytics
website owners manual
personalized training

Bundle Add Ons

logo & branding package - $1500
Website copy - from $2000

(Provided by My Write Hand Woman)

Ecommerce store
landing page/sales page
need something else? Just ask!

advanced feature add ons

I work with one client at a time to accelerate my projects and get you the results you need, fast. By dedicating my time to only you, you’ll get the attention you deserve and I’ll become fully immersed in your business as we work through the process together.

here's a peek at how i do things:

what makes me different?


First, I’ll get to know you and your brand to understand your vision and objectives. We will do some business soul-searching to uncover your why, your ideal client, your something special, and more.



I'll take all the pieces we've created and start to put together the puzzle. I’ll take your goals and objectives and create thoughtful and strategic designs to get you there.



I’ll share the completed designs for you for review, and we can make any tweaks needed before pushing everything live. Once your site is published, you get my ongoing support for any issues that may come up for 30 days.


the process

Working with me is as easy as...

Your peace of mind is the goal of my care plans. If you don't feel that is being provided, you can cancel your care plan and take over the maintenance tasks yourself at any time. 

Nope. You pay your monthly payment, receive reports from me, and put in requests for content updates as needed. No commitments and no fees! 

When something breaks or there are issues with your site, I aim to fix your site within 24 hours. Your care plan includes an hour of troubleshooting or repair each month. 

Don't worry - just drop me a line and I will evaluate your site and make an appropriate recommendation. :) 

Investments require insurance. Just as you would protect your home or car, it is important to protect your business' assets. Your site  may operate fine without maintenance for some time, but one day, something will crash or become incompatible, or you could even get hacked and be gone forever. 

It is important to note that despite your best efforts, things can still occasionally go wrong. But I stay prepared for these events by monitoring your website closely and keeping regular backups that can be restored quickly with little inconvenience to you.

If you don't have a care plan, you are at risk of not having a quick and seamless solution to get your site back online and functioning when issues arise.

Most of my sites are built on the Showit platform. It is an easy to manage all-in-one platform with crazy design potential, and also integrates with Wordpress for all of its powerful features. Learn more about it here.

That said, every business is different, and I take your needs and preferences into account for each project. I also work on Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify

A deposit is required to book your spot in my calendar. Remaining payments can be divided bi-weekly or monthly for those who will be continuing their service with a care plan. 

Support - After we launch, you have access to me for 30 days of troubleshooting support.

Training - Once we launch, you will be provided with customized video tutorials that will walk you through each of the tasks you'll need to know to add to and update your website content.

Content Updates - Previous clients will have access to an exclusive rate/package for updating their website content itself. 

Maintenance - If your site is built on Wordpress, you may require some monthly maintenance, which I offer in the form of Care Plans. If you choose to manage this maintenance yourself, I do provide you with a Website Owner's Manual that outlines the tasks that will need to be taken regularly in order to keep your site healthy and functioning. 

As you are investing in the tools for your online business presence, it is important to have the full package as each of these things supports the other to build authority for your business. 
To build a strong website that gets conversions, it is important to have branding, photography, and copywriting.

While you can source and provide these on your own, Valley Girl can provide most of these elements for you!
My branding add-on includes all the essentials that we will use to create a cohesive look and feel from your website design to your social media and even in print.

I have an amazing copywriting partner that will help you digitally embody your business' personality and message. 

If you are local to the British Columbia/Vancouver area, I can also recommend an amazing photographer. We can also use free stock photography to get you started.

For basic, website only projects, your new website can be complete in just one week.

If you are adding branding, copywriting, or have a more in-depth project, our timeline could be from 3-6 weeks. Again, every project is different, so depending on your needs and the size of your project as well as your communication, the timeline will vary. After I get to know your business and needs in a bit more detail I will be able to provide you with a more accurate timeline. 

Absolutely! For smaller projects like this, I offer a day rate
This one day intensive is dedicated to you and allows us to finish your project quickly. 
It includes prep time, training and support, just like a full custom project.
Learn more about booking me for a day here.

If you are interested in starting with a template but haven't found one yet, you might be interested in a a semi-custom design.

I was looking for a website designer, and she came highly recommended. I loved my website so much she then did all the branding for my company, from templates to PDFs, to business cards, etc. you name it, she did it! I'm not tech savvy at all and she made me little videos to help me navigate things. She's wonderful to work with, super efficient and her work is spectacular. Thanks for everything Siobhan... you're a lifesaver!"

Nicole, Above &Beyond Events

"Siobhan is literally the best!

looking for something else?

other services

start up

set up


Professional Templates or Semi-Custom Website Design for the start up business looking for an affordable way to get started online

Hire me as your personal designer for a day! Perfect for smaller projects and updates for your ever growing business

Showit Website Development for designers who want to free up their time to take on more clients

coming soon!

bliss day spa
wordpress website + ecommerce

recent work

Bliss Day Spa wanted to feature their spa services and online products, but their website was outdated, antiquated, and off-brand. 

We worked together to modernize the website in a clear and informative way that made it easy to book services and elevate the entire shopping experience.

above & beyond event planning
showit website + branding

recent work

Above & Beyond had a dated website and branding that didn't appeal to their high-end, luxury clientele. They wanted a full refresh that was sexy, eye catching, and sophisticated. 

Together we built a new brand image including logo, business cards, brochures, presentation deck, and a fully responsive website.

Enough is enough.

you deserve a 'wow' website.