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VIP Day is a one-day design intensive where my time is devoted to only you!

Use your day to:

+ make content updates to your site
+ customize a template
+ set up a blog or shop
+ create a sales or landing page
+ design marketing collateral
+ branding refresh
+++ whatever you can think of!


Each VIP Day includes 8 (full) or 4 (half) hours of project work, as well as prep time, personalized recommendations for your project, and post-project support. 


Full day - $1,000
Half Day - $500


I'll get to know your needs and evaluate what we can realistically achieve in a day. Then we'll get organized, and you'll do some homework getting everything ready so I can work as quickly and efficiently as possible



You'll have access to me all day, and i'll need access to you. We will do regular check ins and you'll see my work as we go along. I'll get in the zone and get your project done in a snap!

vip day


We will wrap up or launch your project with a training and questions session (if needed). You'll have access to me for 30 days in case any troubleshooting is needed. 


the process

your vip day is only a few steps away

Your peace of mind is the goal of my care plans. If you don't feel that is being provided, you can cancel your care plan and take over the maintenance tasks yourself at any time. 

Nope. You pay your monthly payment, receive reports from me, and put in requests for content updates as needed. No commitments and no fees! 

When something breaks or there are issues with your site, I aim to fix your site within 24 hours. Your care plan includes an hour of troubleshooting or repair each month. 

Don't worry - just drop me a line and I will evaluate your site and make an appropriate recommendation. :) 

Investments require insurance. Just as you would protect your home or car, it is important to protect your business' assets. Your site  may operate fine without maintenance for some time, but one day, something will crash or become incompatible, or you could even get hacked and be gone forever. 

It is important to note that despite your best efforts, things can still occasionally go wrong. But I stay prepared for these events by monitoring your website closely and keeping regular backups that can be restored quickly with little inconvenience to you.

If you don't have a care plan, you are at risk of not having a quick and seamless solution to get your site back online and functioning when issues arise.

In our discovery we will determine the scope of the project and map out what content you will be providing. 

In terms of your time, it is important that you pick a day that you will be available to check in with me, as well as be able to quickly respond to questions that I might have. We will use instant messaging (on your preferred platform) throughout the day.

Finally, I need your excitement and commitment to this project!

While I would love to get your project done as soon as possible, I try to book projects at least 2 weeks out so that we have enough time to clearly outline what the day and tasks will look like and so that you will have enough time to prepare and provide everything I need from you. 

However, there are always exceptions! So if your project doesn't require a ton of prep, we might be able to get started sooner.

Being an experienced designer I have a pretty good idea of how much work I can accomplish in a day, and will advise you if I think your project will require more than one. 

While I do my best to deliver on everything you are requesting, sometimes things come up that take longer than expected, or troubleshooting is required. It is important to remember that you are purchasing my time, not an outcome or deliverable.

I will always keep you informed on the progress of the project so there are no surprises!

A VIP Day isn't right for every project. You might have only a few tasks or a much bigger project that might need a custom quote. If you aren't sure, please reach out to me at and let me know what you need help with, and I will recommend the best service for you! 

+ We save time by bypassing all the time consuming and drawn out correspondence by having a rock solid plan. And what's more valuable than your time?

+ It's efficient. We don't have to worry about remember what we talked about weeks ago.

+ It's a day catered to you. Not only do you have my undivided attention, but you can work as collaboratively with me throughout the day as you'd like to. Just want to hand it over to me and see the finished product at the end of the day? That's fine too!

+ You save money! By bundling your seemingly endless list of updates into one day you can actually save money. (And time, did I mention that?)

+ You know what to expect. We have a plan, an outline of tasks, and check ins to keep you in-the-know.

+ You feel empowered and excited to see almost-instant results and get so much done in a single day!

Absolutely! For smaller projects like this, I offer a day rate
This one day intensive is dedicated to you and allows us to finish your project quickly. 
It includes prep time, training and support, just like a full custom project.
Learn more about booking me for a day here.

If you are interested in starting with a template but haven't found one yet, you might be interested in a a semi-custom design.

She completely built my beautiful website and showed me all the ins and outs. I’m not tech savvy whatsoever, so she made the process easy for me! And she was there to answer all my questions when I was struggling with zero hesitation. I can’t recommend her enough!

Jen Morrison, Photographer

"Siobhan was amazing to work with!

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Professional Templates & Semi-Custom Website Design for the start up business looking for an affordable way to get started online.

Custom website design for the small business ready to do big things and advance their online presence with a strategy-first approach.

Showit Website Development for designers who want to free up their time to take on more clients and grow their business.

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bliss day spa
wordpress website + ecommerce

recent work

Bliss Day Spa wanted to feature their spa services and online products, but their website was outdated, antiquated, and off-brand. 

We worked together to modernize the website in a clear and informative way that made it easy to book services and elevate the entire shopping experience.

above & beyond event planning
showit website + branding

recent work

Above & Beyond had a dated website and branding that didn't appeal to their high-end, luxury clientele. They wanted a full refresh that was sexy, eye catching, and sophisticated. 

Together we built a new brand image including logo, business cards, brochures, presentation deck, and a fully responsive website.

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